Wednesday, October 28, 2009

V are the lucky ones.

Do you remember the original V.  I do. I remember the V tv show and the miniseries, and the book and I think there were comics.  I even remember the really bad day they aged a little girl into adulthood so they could get rid of the problem of an aging child on a shows shooting schedule.  I remember how great the first miniseries was and how bad the second on was.  Then the series was lame even for a teenager.

I had a chance to see the preview and while it was not the finished version I felt it lived up to the first miniseries.  There are problems like the TV News Man was so very badly written.  The rest of the show was very lostish and I would rather it was more Airwolf, or A-team, or some other action show.  I also wish it was being done on HBO or Showtime so it could be R rated.  There are lots of things I wish this one had done, but I don't care what it does as long as it's not Knight Rider-ed, or Bionic Women-ed.

I don't think it will I think it might go the distance if they pair it with Lost or Flash Foward.  Heres hopeing.
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