Tuesday, December 15, 2009

T C Thomsons Children's Hospital A great place to never have to go.

Today my son got a major head laceration. OK maybe not major to Doctors, EMTs, and Nurses but to Me and Nick it was pretty bad.   While running across the room at Signal Center's day care he fell and cut his head on the bottom shelf of the cubbies they have for the kids to put their coats and bedding in.  Later when I have time and more distance I'll write about the accident more.  Today I plan to write about the hospital visit.

First I am so proud of my(ok Karen OUR) son.  Nick was a real little man today.  The only time he cried durring the procedure was when the doctor ripped the bandage off tearing his hair out by the roots, I think I would have been a little upset ther myself.  I at that moment came the closest I have as an adult to kicking another Adults ass.

That Doctor made the next five minutes of cleaning and preping Nick so much harder for Nick, and more difficult for me then it had need to be.  If he had more gently removed the bandage I know Nick would never have cried at all durring the procedure.  I don't know what kind of people he was use to dealing with but I found that part of his bed side manor the most shocking event of the day.

The Med student, resident, nurses and people at the desk were the most helpful kind and soothing people I have had the displeasure to ever meet(its never a pleasure to meet people in that situation).  The doctor while competent lacked a fundamental element to his bed side manor.  I really felt his whole attitude was lacking and condescending toward me and Nick. 

On the other hand I can not speak highly enough about the Lady in admitting who made several trips to the room so I would not have to leave Nick's side even when I Think I gave her the wrong info she found the correct information and got it back to me and the medical team. I didn't get her name but those of you my friends who pray please include her in your prayers this week for I feel she went truly above and beyond the requirements of her job.

I know a little face lac is not a world altering event but for the father dealing with a sick or hurt child going a little bit extra was a big help and much appreciated.

But no matter how well I think of Children's Hospital I feel the complete opposite for Erlanger and their parking  garage.   After I had Paid 200 dollars out of pocket for the Emergency Room Visit.  And no telling  how many thousands from the insurance company they have the audacity, the guile, the words fail me here to to charge me MORE Money to get my car out of the Parking Garage.  They charged me a dollar with a stamped ticket to park so I could get my sons head stitched up.  And if I had not a Mother in Law with me who had the dollar i'd sill be stuck there waiting to get my car out. And What Bothers ME even More is that If that same Mother in Law had not had the forethought to remember the ticket and get it stamped it would have cost me Ten Times that Amount for the honor of parking while I paid them sew my sons head closed once again.  This Totally Sent me Pissy.

What I want to know IS what would of happened if I had just paid the hospital every last cent I had for their service and then I could not get my car out of the Garage.  Are they going to sell my car to make their dollar?  Hold my child for ransom until I hand over four bits.  Maybe they will just place a lean on my house for 10 dimes.

I had been all warm feelings and cozy thoughts about TC Thompson that then evaporated the second I tried to leave.  I'm sure the few thousands of dollars they get from people who just left the Emergency Room isn't going to break them.  I can almost understand charging for  people visiting the Doctors building or just coming in for tests. I can even see charging those people visiting the sick people who are in the hospital.  But on NO WAY can I see charging some one in the Emergency Room to park.  How Much Are They Making if the COPay is Two Hundred Dollars.

Tell me Erlanger Board of Directors if you dare why you charge the ones who have the least choice in visiting. I passed two other hospitals and my sons doctor's office. Because I thought so Highly of Children's. I cant say the same for you.

And to Children Board I my have been more forgiving of the Doctor if I had not been subjected to this fiasco upon leaving your domain.

In the immortal words of Sister Mary Clarence "Bless You" Erlanger

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Flikr Pics for snow at the TN Valley Railroad Museum

Pics are Here


Moon 2009

{{ru|Почтовая марка СССР. 1967.
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Now I have a good appreciation of the Sci-Fi movie classics.  I love 2001, Marooned, Silent Running and just about any of the classic 60's and 70's Sci-fi movies.  I would not have thought in the year 2009 I would find a new classic 70's Sci-Fi movie.  That is utill I heard about Moon.

I'm not going to tell you Moon is a great movie because it's not.   It is a good movie  that is well thought out and shows that good science fiction doesn't have to be a big budget block buster to make a enjoyable movie.  You might think i'm a budget snob and that just is true.  I'm a plot snob.

Moon has a Plot, a good one.  So good infact I don't want to spoil it so I'll just say its an example of what happens when good writeing meets good film making.   I spent the first hour trying to fiqure out where it was going then I got it and spent the rest of the movie trying to fiqure out how it was going to end.  the final resulution is a bit weak but does not detracket from the rest of the movie.

I have often wondered what life on the moon would be like and found that Moon did a good job of giving at least  the slimmest idea what it might be like.  Unless I give away plot points I cant give a full review of the movie and i'm sjust not going to do that.  If you really want to spoil the movie go read the IMDB articule. Otherwise just rent it on video.

Happy TVing
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Google Link But good for Scaidians

the scadian spade

Comcast and the case of the Package that didn't exist

Comcast Corporation
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In the year 1982 my family got Telescripts cable.  Ever since they sold to Comcast I have been a customer.  That is until next week.  I will be moving over to EPB next week and I really didn't want to.

My tale begins in October when comcast decided to drop the plan I had been using for eight years and force me to take a digital plan for $60 more a month.  Its all part of the Switch to digital they said, we cant just give you a limited channel selection they said.  I said I want a limited channel selection I was happy with my limited channel selection.  Now I'm not happy any more.

Eight years ago I had the very basic LifLine Comcast package for $11 a month.  It had Channels 2 - 13.  Then I decided to add what was called the "b" teir  of programs.   It added Channels 19-20-21-22-23, 48-49-50-51-52-53-54-55, 69,98, 99, or as they were better know as AMC, Discovery, Animal Planet, HGTV, Style, Comedy central, Turner Classic, Golf, Scifi, Court TV, History, and Outdoor, then Halmark, and cspan 1 &2.  I was paying $20 And I was happy.

I didn't have any of the expensive (for comcast) channel like ESPN, CNN, USA, TNT, TNN, Nickelodeon, or any of the HBO, Showtimes or anything like that.

Then they started the whole lets take away your channels thing and give you Digital.  They had a HD box SO I ordered that and they "GAVE" me free HD channels (which is the exact same thing on the standard deff channel)  then along comes October of this year and poof bill jumps from $47 a month to $71 plus tax and equipment.  So my normal $90 a month with Internet went to nearly $200.   I call and they had a 19.99 a month deal for Digital starter so I ask for that and they said yes, and Then we asked about The Family tier and they said yes.  So we get a plan we like Digital Starter and Family plan together for 19.99 + 28.08 and it gives us the channels we need and want for a price we wanted to pay.  Then some days later the bill went up again to $71.  And they tell me they can't give me the 19.99 because that ended last month.  But they will give us another deal so its a little higher but we can live with it.  Until this month when it's back up to $71 again plus they want us to pay a back amount from the last month of $30.

So today I call them and they refused to even try and help us work out a cheaper plan.  I think ,and this is just me, they don't want to keep our business.  I bet they are trying to weed off the poor, the cheap, and the unwashed.(ok so I didn't take a bath this morning I'll take one tonight)   I bet they are looking to get rid of the low profit grandfathered in plans and keep the High profit ones instead.

So next week I will be moving from Comcast to EPB where I don't need hardware on each tv, my old DVR will work and i'll take my HD over the air like I did before with comcast.  Still instead of giving my 90 a month to Comcast starting Next week I will give it to EPB instead.

Bye Bye Comcast it was nice but now i'm off to see the Wizard of Fiber optics.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Monsters VS Aliens

Monsters vs.
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Oh boy I had good time watching this movie.  I had to kill a few minutes in the middle doing some typing and had to stop and restart so I can't give a feeling for the whole movie.  As a kids movie I think it is a little better then most non Pixar films.  I enjoyed the characters and the monsters were characters unlike most of the monsters and charcaters in these kids movies.

Unlike the ones I normally watch Shreck, Ice age, it had a plot.  A good plot in fact.  I'm not saying it was oscar worthy but I did enjoy it.  You might want to plan on spending a rainy afternoon with the kids watching Monsters Vs Aliens.
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