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Moon 2009

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Now I have a good appreciation of the Sci-Fi movie classics.  I love 2001, Marooned, Silent Running and just about any of the classic 60's and 70's Sci-fi movies.  I would not have thought in the year 2009 I would find a new classic 70's Sci-Fi movie.  That is utill I heard about Moon.

I'm not going to tell you Moon is a great movie because it's not.   It is a good movie  that is well thought out and shows that good science fiction doesn't have to be a big budget block buster to make a enjoyable movie.  You might think i'm a budget snob and that just is true.  I'm a plot snob.

Moon has a Plot, a good one.  So good infact I don't want to spoil it so I'll just say its an example of what happens when good writeing meets good film making.   I spent the first hour trying to fiqure out where it was going then I got it and spent the rest of the movie trying to fiqure out how it was going to end.  the final resulution is a bit weak but does not detracket from the rest of the movie.

I have often wondered what life on the moon would be like and found that Moon did a good job of giving at least  the slimmest idea what it might be like.  Unless I give away plot points I cant give a full review of the movie and i'm sjust not going to do that.  If you really want to spoil the movie go read the IMDB articule. Otherwise just rent it on video.

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