Sunday, December 11, 2011

johnny come Gleely

I lost a bet and had to watch glee.  It was so good I watched another and then another and another and another and now I'm about to become a gleek.  Lord forgive me.  I've always loved good musicals and to see something that always give me a new musical each week I should of been on this from the day it started.

Its also about the underdogs over coming the "it crowd"  this is something i would have given lots to have happened in the times i went to school.  How did I let this show get by me?  I let the haters tell me it was ok to hate it just because it was different.  I haven't been true to my self.  I tell people that how can you say something is bad unless you are willing to try it yourself.   I believe this about Harry Potter, comic books, and movies. How could I have let other people tell me what I was going to like. 

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