Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Wizard of Time Book 2..The Sword of Unmaking

Long ago in a blog far away I wrote about the first of The Wizard of Time books. The Wizard of Time broke one of my rules of reading fiction. Do not hurt children! I don't read books that include people hurting children. You can endanger children, you can kill children, what I don't like are books that amount to torture porn featuring children. To repeat a joke from last time...I don't get along with George R. R. Martin.

My biggest problem with the first book was it rambled in places and was in need of a copy editor.  The story and setting were rock solid.  It was a good example of the heroes tale.

I'm glad to report that all the problems of the the first book were avoided in the second.  But that doesn't mean there aren't new problems.
In the first book Breedon had a young hero that didn't read as a young person. In this book our hero is older and has more emotional motivation.  Instead of the hero's tale of discovery like the first book. This is the story of first love, and loss.  The recurring theme of this book is love found and love loss. I some ways it reads like a very good version of a CW teen drama.  Actually if the CW did it this well I'd watch more CW. 

If you read Mercedes Lackey books by the order they were written you get to see a great example of a writer growing in her craft.  This his how I feel about Breedon.  If you read his books starting from the first to his most recent you get to see an artist maturing in his craft. His stores are more complex and characters read truer and more alive. Each book is a noticeable improvement on the one before.  It might be most noticeable between these two books, as the I reread Wizard just before reading Sword. 

My one problem with the book is the main character at times makes holmesian deduction beyond both his training and the supposed age he is in the book. It  is hardly enough of a problem to stop me from finishing the book in a near personal reading record. I skipped food and sleep to finish the book

I didn't tell you anything about the plot.  Right! You have to check it out. 

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