Sunday, September 6, 2009

EPB VS Comcast Part Two

Today I am going to look at prices for internet between EPB and Comcat.

EPB's cheapest price is for 15 megs which Comcast says they will be providing in the near future.  Comcasts website is already saying you can get 15/3 but my test make it more like 4/.128 in the Brainerd area.

EPB  charges $57.99 for it's cheapest.  While Comcast's cheapest is only 24.95 for a snail like 1meg down andto 384 Kbps for up stream.  EPB's is 15 megs bi directional.  Comcast's 15m/3m plan costs $42.95 or $15 dollars less then Epb's 15 meg line.

Comcasts 20meg down/4meg up goes for 52.95.  Epb's goes  for 69.99 for a bidirectional 20 meg line.   If your playing along at home you see a 17 dollar difference again in Comcast's favor.

Now in round three EPB offers 50 megs for a ridicules $174.99.  Comcast just looks on and weeps.

Now for some comparisons AT&T, you know those guys trying to squeeze every penny out of those old copper lines,  is offering internet at $7.158 a meg for 6 megs or DSL Xtreme 6.0 for $42.95 a month.

At that price mark comcast and EPB should be selling it's 15 meg per lines for $107.38.  But as I said earlier i'm only getting about 4 megs a second so it should really cost me $28.63.

The real question is does EPB mean to really bring some price compatition to the market place, or are they just trying to get a little of Comcasts pie.  When I lobbied for EPB to be allowed in our market I thought it would bring some real compatition to the area.  Looking at what we are seeing its seem we are really just getting higher prices and no real compatition.

If EBP wanted to compete it would offer some 6, 8 or 10 meg lines for 29, 35, and 45 dollar price points. This would put it in real compatition with Comcast, At&t and give people a real choice in the market place.   I can't afford to spend 100 dollars for Internet and Cable TV and not many other people can either.

Price per meg

Comcast (15 meg) $2.86
AT&T (6 meg)  $7.15
EPB (15 meg) $4

Comcast  (50 meg) $2
EPB (50 meg) 3.48

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  1. Oh and it's not 15/15 it's 30/30 for the same price. If you just want Internet and not cable that's $57. Epb sent a letter to all current users that basically said here you go we' re upgrading for free because we can.