Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Old Comics Project. DP7

DP7Starting this week and for as long as I can afford to pay for my Marvel Subscription or find other comics online I will be looking at old series or singles and talking about them here.  Its a way to look into the past at comics I loved as a child and remember foldly as an adult.

This is week I'm looking at DP7 as part of Marvel's New Universe from 1986 I remember this book very well.  It was Marvels attempt at Xmen in its Other univers.

The Idea for  New Universe was  "What would happen if normal people became superhuman overnight?" It all started White Event a strange white Light kind of  astronomical event that  on July 22, 1986.  in the seconds that it lasted it  bathed the earth in a bright white light and mutated 1/500,000 of the earths populace.  Millions of people started developing powers.

I have read the first year of the book at this point and I must say I was really happy with the series.  I found the characters a bit 80's ish but then it was a 80's book.  I also couldn't help the feeling it was anti xmen title.  Instead of the Professor bringing everyone together to protect the people here the doctor brings them together or recruit them for evil, and he won't take no for an answer.  The time in the books are supposed to be running in real time with each book lasting for a month, but I felt the time was a little compressed for all the action in the book to have happened in a year.  There really wasn't enough action to fill a year.  Most of the action seems to have taken place in maybe a couple of months but even that time would be streaching it a bit.

The art is very classic.  It is a looks like a 80's book.  Some of the panels are very bland and boring but don't distract from the story or try to overshadow the story  like many of today's artists do.

I found the books a bit slow to read in compairison to tittle like Runaways and Xmen but very good and well worth my time in reading them.  If you can find them be sure and pick up this missed 80's Marvel marvel.

Number of Books:32
Year: 1986-1989


Randy O'Brien
David Landers
Jeff Walters
Charlotte "Charly" Beck
Dennis "Scuzz" Cuzinski
Stephanie Harrington
Lenore Fenzl
Stephanie Harrington

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