Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kick Ass

10 minutes in and starting to wonder why i.m watchuing this movie Traing montage is funny. Firdt time in costume looks like comic car hir was a surprise Music is a bit strange Dont like hit girl sceens Exploding head in a microwave was cool. Wolverine xray was nice Mr bitey Funny All the cameras so facebook First good sceen im kickass He should call himself asskick was funny though i new it was comming Homophobic bit was a bit strange Drugg runner was bit cool musoc again strange Roof jump for hit girl was nice Big daddy talks like a bad version of bat man

Nude teen girl getting a self tan whoop

Did nick cage reafd thw commic book before the movie. He plays big daddy a bit strange.

Totally ruins the red mist charcter. Capes jokew ok i keep foregetting to type cause im watching the movie so much.

Love the red mist drive pass the cop cars Who do you rthink you are would of worked better if they hadnt told us about red mist

Fire was great i thought him saving the bear was great

Its time to stop wearing a costume but i want one. In the comic he doesnt get the girl i like the movie better

Hot chic on the cell cool rideing your bike to meet kickass. Third act is really good injoying the movie a lot. No more posts movies to good here

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