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Spartucus Blood and Sand

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I have just this last day found on Netflix the show Spartucus Blood and Sand.  While I have spent many hours watching the show trying to get a felling for it I have to say it's not the show I would have thought it was going to be.  I watched Rome and while I didn't love it.  It was fairly good.  My problem with Rome was, that it, like most shows done in America trys to Americanize the world.

Now this is normlly done by sanitizing the show to remove the "Adult "content of the program.  I have felt many times that the progrms are never truely showing the lifestyles of the peoples they portray.  Now I have seen a show that goes the other way.  Spartucus is going out of  it's way to show the nonchristian aspects of Greek society.

This program shows many many many scenes of nudity, homosexuality and paganism.  And after years of complaining about the content of shows like Rome I have to say I don't like Spactucus because it goes to far the other way. Not so much the paganism but the adult nature of the program.

The nudity doesn't shock or disturb me.  But it does distract me from the story.  Its not the female nudity its much like Watchman the male nudity that does it.  I know why its so distracting to see all those penises it's the fact tah american tv and movies for the most part refuse to show male frontal nudity.  This is not fair to the ladies and gay guys that don't get their thrill like straight guys do.

What I find even more disturbing about Spartucus Blood and Sand is the over heighthend blood and gore.  The show revels in death.  It revels in blood, gore and violence.  I find the battles more difficult to watch then most tv and movie violence.  I'm not sure if it's the sepia tone of the rest of the show or the computer generated red of the blood but I just find it hard to watch the gladiator scenes.  I didn't have this problem with 300 so I don't really understand why I'm turned off by Spartucus.

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