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2012 the day the cliche happened

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2012 the shake and bake movie of the year.  Take one part core, two parts earthquake, a dose of Armagedon and you get 2012.  I was watching this one on a laptop so many of the Special effects were lacking the special part you get from a big screen theater's effect.  I was taken aback by the story and lack of  a plot.  The dialogue was weak and the plot had holes bigger then the grand cannon.

It was about as exciting as a large Russian book I was forced to read in high school.  2012 starts slow gives you lots of bad science babble and then about halfway all hell breaks loose and oneman struggles to save his family as California sinks into the sea.  Good Riddance.

I got real tired of watching earthquakes chace people, buildings falling over and why cant these damn planes ever climb over the destruction.  And shouldn't a geological event of that size have put so much dust and ash into the air that the plane would of stalled out the engine since it couldn't get any clean air.

Then after they land to save the only person the family can find to tell them the location of the "secret" space ship that is going to save the lucky few the guy witht he information decides to stay and die.   Thats when the world attacks again.   This is when I wish I had anything else to watch and was glad it was a promotional copy and not one I had purchased.

Again the Super plan rescues he people when a real one would have crashed.  And then we get the "We need a bigger plan line which did get a chuckle."  Can you say Shark!!!!.  And then Jesus dies.  Which is when I decided to throw-up.

"Our mission is to continue the continuity of our species. "  Which is by far the best line in this movie and was followed by the second best when the president said "I'm going to be the last President of the United States"  If this had been the quality of the rest of the movie I would of liked the movie better but it kept falling into the same old summer action flick dialogue.

Really I found it refreshing that the world wasn't going to be saved and everyone live happily ever after.

Please don't let me persuade you not to see the film. I leave that up to rotten tomato "Consensus: Roland Emmerich's 2012 provides plenty of visual thrills, but lacks a strong enough script to support its massive scope and inflated length." 38%

better reading a book

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