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I got to see Astroboy for the first time this weekend and found the movie boring, weak, and hard to listen to. Really the voice acting done by Donald Sutherland, and Nicolas Cage really irritated me. The voices didn't fit in the movie. I know the voices when I hear them and it pulled me out of the movie. It reminded me of Transformers the movie with Leonard Nimoy. Also the inflection used by the actors was bad at times.  It sounded like they just called it in on some old telephone and never talked to each other.  I have heard better voice acting by my 4 year old playing with his trains.

The plot was even weaker then the voice acting not to mention most other kids movies. It centers on the presidents(Donald Suterhland) attempted  reelection plan and his attempt

Astro Boy
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to start a war with the people below Metro City.  At this point I am going to point out I like kids movies.  Pixar is by far the only studio I will go watch every movie that they make.  I'm still a fan of Disney and Lionsgate films movies, so you can see I welcome kids movies.

All that being said I still couldn't sit through Astroboy with out going out to get a break from the bad story.  I guess I should say I didn't like the original cartoon either.   I found it boring as a kid and more so as an adult.  I much preferred Gigantor both of which aired on a local station when I was a kid.
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  1. Well, too bad, my friends and I think Astro Boy is about the best movie of the year. We've seen it 3 times. We're not into Astro Boy the comic either (what's that?) but we took a chance on this movie and we loved it. Very touching, kickass fight scenes and great animation. Too bad you couldn't appreciate it.