Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Thanks Challenge

Thank you *
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Today we are goiing to pass a test. Its an easy test to pass. It only requires you to do one thing.

Next time your out shopping at the mall, Walmart, Bilo , where ever you shop, stop, look at the name of the person taking your order, checking you out, waiting on your table and say THANK YOU  and their name.

The Person on the other end of that counter is working hard durring the holidays and no matter how hard they work it is still a thankless job they are doing for you.  So instead of being upset you had to wait in a line, couldn't get the red one,  couldn't remember the size of Aunt Adda's oldest son,  take a minute to tell the person helping you THANK YOU.

You might be the only person to do it all day, and take it from me it will make their day a little brighter. Its a cheap present for the person helping you make your holiday easier.

And Remember to share A Smile!! :)
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