Saturday, February 6, 2010

Disney Day by Day Day4 Epcot

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Breakfast, bus, bulls*** and other things that start with B lead us to goto Epcot today when we were planning on going to Magic Kingdom.  I was not planning on going to Epcot  today and didn't have a plan.  As a result we wondered around a lot and didn't get to ride Soarin.  Most of the problems we had had more to do with our lack of planning but also a lot to do with the fact that Epcot is not an amusement park.  It started out as educational service and still remains that.  There is very little for a four year old to do and because of that my son really didn't have a good time.

If I ever go back I'll get a baby sitter for this day and Me and the wife will do Epcot alone, or just have to boy there for the morning.  Either way we really needed to find entertainment for our son.

His Highlight was the Seas area.  Nemo, the diver's lockout, the sharks, and the Coral Reef Resturant along with test track were his favorite parts.  This was really one of the two weakest days we had at disney.  Why we spent 45 minutes riding the Ellen ride I still don't know.

I don't think we will ever do Epcot again there just isnt enough there.  Or at least I didn't know and coldn't find much for us to do.  Maybe next time I'll try it with a plan from touring plans .com.

Last thing let me mention the Meal from Coral Reef.  If you can afford the meal this place is worth going to eat at.  The steak was good, the fish tank in the side of the wall and the divers made for if not the best dinning experience of the trip it was number two.
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