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Disney Day by Day Day7 Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios
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Breakfast/Bus/you know.
Disney's Hollywood Studios I was looking forward to visiting here.  I had waited years to see Star Tours and the two stunt shows.  I guess the hype cant live up to the real thing.   This and Epcot were the two weakest parks we visited.   I hate to say t but I think we should have skiped this one and waited until my spawn was older.  There wasn't much for a 4 year old to do in this park.  He met a couple of the characters and hung out with the muppets but other then the Disney Club house show he was very bored and could have done more in the Magic Kingdom.  The day we were there it rained a lot and he had to spend most of the day riding in the stroller.  The best thing for him was meeting the Little Einsteins.  He was the happiest that day when he was talking to them. There was also a puppet show and all the kids in there thought he show was great.

The Sorcerer's Hat
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We had to use two table services this day and so we ate at Hollywood and Vine and later at the Sci-Fi Cafe.  The buffet at Hollywood and Vine was nice and I could have done with out the stopping to dance every 10 minutes.  It took a very long time to get back to us and let us meet all the characters. I was about to give up on JoJo and the lion and leave when they suddenly showed up.  The cast member I spoke with about it said they took an hour and fifteen minutes to go all the way around the room but they want to turn the tables every forty-five minutes.  This would mean that many kids are going to miss meeting all the characters.  I think they need to work on this a bit.

Outside the Sci-Fi Cafe
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And this brings us to Sci-Fi cafe.  The one place I was looking forward to the most.  I cant say how disappointed I was in this location.   There just aren't enough words to explain how much I wanted to enjoy this dinning experience.  After the Coral Reef and Liberty Tavern I had such hopes for this.  Man were they dashed.   My wife and I ordered the steaks.  Please Do not Ever order this its the worst steaks we ever had.  The server said they were like sirloin but they were nothing like that.  They were more like top round or some stype of stew meat.  Lots of connective tissue.  I cook a mean steak and I know how to cook pretty well.  For 20+ dollars I expect a better steak.  They called it a Butchers Steak and I have been looking for a cut called that and the only thing I can find is a Hang steak .  But that is not a choice cut.   Really Disney you should never have sold that piece of meat.   My first one was cooked well done on the outside and raw in the middle.  I'm not sure how they did that.  The second was a piece of horse  meat, or maybe they just brought me the briddle to eat, either way both of us left disapointed in the meal.

Since this was the Last memory we have of Disney I can't help but think how disappointed we felt when we left the park.  Maybe next time we will have a better time.  I don't know.  The way I felt when we left I'm not sure we will go back.
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