Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Old Comics Project: Bat Man 1956,1957,1958

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Oh my did I have a treat.  I found a torrent with old Batman comics in it and being a fan of Batman I broke the law and downloaded these old comics.  I don't want to encourage you to break the law, but, if you look for it and find it on the largest tracker site in the world you would be in for a treat.

I picked these years because of a post here. Silver Age comics has a good break down on this and the following years with most of the important information about the years.  Things I'll note about this as important are the first appearance of the batarang, and a first retcon of Alfred.  There are lots of things in these issues for you to check out.  I had a good time reading these books and would encourage DC to start publishing them online like Marvel does with it's back catalog.  I would have loved to have pay for it instead of doing the whole torrent thing but that was not an option.
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