Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Disney Meal Plan

Oh boy lets talk about the eating at Disney.  Their prices are sky high. Ok I expect to be gouged some when I go on vacation.  But damn Disney are the masters of it.

Lets look at the meal plan.  You have to get it for every day even if you plan to eat off site/resort/park some days.  We stayed for eight days, seven nights and so we had seven counter service, seven table service, and seven snacks. we had two adults and one child. This gave us a total of 21 of each type of meal.

Tickets 869

Food plan 855

Room 695

As you can see it cost us more to eat then to stay in the park hotel and almost as much as it cost to get in the park.  I love to eat. But for 855 dollars we could order 143 pizza pizzas,  we could get 237 Big Macs.  If you go to the local chinese place you get 70 orders.  At 212market in Chattanooga where the most expensive plate is 18.95 you could get 45 meals. (Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops Wilted arugula, local turnips, Yukon potatoes and smoked tomato cream yum got to try it next time)

As you can see the price for the plan is way high.  Next time I won't get it.  The prices of counter service are more in line with the same prices from McD or BK.  They are still higher then you would pay at a regular fast food location but not so bad I wouldn't have paid for them.

I guess they expect you to buy 26 dollar meals every night.  I looked at what we would have spent per meal and averaged it across the week and  allowing for the three table services we would have purchased anyway I came up with a total of 621 dollars for the week.  We would have saved $230.00 on the meal plan.  Now we would have really saved more because I wouldn't ahave purchased the steaks I had and would have gone with a cheaper chicken or fish  meal instead.   Allowing for the cheaper meal selection we come out at 493 dollars. This would have saved us almost half the cost of the meal plan.

Now this is not the cheapest way to do it and it still has us eating 3 Table services and counter service for all other meals.  But it does not have us paying for kids meals we didn't use, doesn't have us running to make a reservation for a meal all the way across the park or in another park all together.

If I go back (ok when I go back) I'll get the cheaper 2 counter service 2 snack meal plan instead.  Or just carry more Peanut butter.

Was it worth the price,  No, Really its not worth the price and not worth the hassel.  For us it will be counter service, sandwiches or nothing.

Thanks for reading about our trip to disney and please come back later.

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