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Disney day by day delayed Day2 Animal Kingdom

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Day 2 opened bright and shiny.  We went down for breakfast and found that Pops breakfast was ok.  The night before we had stayed in a great hotel that offered a free breakfast.  Pop sure didn't. we had to pay for a so so waffle and nearly bland sausage and bacon.  I don't eat eggs and the breakfasts are almost always egg heavy.  One of the nicer touches of the visit were the mickey waffles my son had.  He thought they were  very nice and I'm not looking forward to the first time he wants me to male them for breakfast at home.

After we consumed some calories it was time to load up the bus and head tot he park.  I had to take our car and get it worked on so my wife and son had to travel on the bus with out me this day and they had to stand the whole time.  Now begins Disney RANT one (you have been warned) I am a product of the South.  A try to be a Southern Gentleman that being said if I  was on the bus before someone else and a old person, parent with small child, or woman came on the bus after me I always offered them my seat.  I don't know how many other men would just sit there and watch some parent try and keep there little from falling down on the bus as the drivers tried out for Nascar. End rant one.

We got to Animal Kingdom about 9:30 and this being January the park was not very crowded that day.  We had no problems at all riding all the rides we wanted to and getting a place to sit on benches.  My son loved the Triceratops Spin its the same ride as Dumbo, Aladdin's Carpet and Astro blaster.  You spin around and go up and down.  My son wanted to ride it three times and since the park was empty in this area we had no problem in letting him ride it as much as he wanted.   My wife rode Primeval Whirl which she claims to have enjoyed.  Spawnling  then wanted to "dig for dinosaur bones" in the bone yard and was sad to find out you didn't really dig for anything.  In Chattanooga's Creative Discovery Museum you get to dig for resin dino bones in their sand pit and he was most upset that there wasn't anything to really dig.

After I recovered from chasing a 4 year old around the Dinoland we rode Dinosaur, and visited its Not Easy to be a Bug. Neither of which made my son very happy and were the major contributor to his nightmares.

By now it was lunch and we were very hungry and we went in search of our first lunch buffet at Tuskers.  And this begins Rant number two (you were warned)  The restaurants at Disney have a great disparity in the quality of the food and the prices.  I found many of the places we ate on the Disney plan just plain plain.  Also the suggested tipping on the receipt is not industry standards .  Buffet Tipping is 10 percent. At all the Buffets they suggested you tip 18 -20 percent. End Rant

At Tuskers we had a nice lunch and the food was ok.  It was much better then the breakfast but not better then any of the Chain Buffets I have eaten at.  It was not worth 20 plus dollars a plate.  Ryan's or Golden Corral  both have better food and cheaper prices.  I understand Disney tax but double the cost is ridicules.

Or afternoon was taken up with the Kilimanjaro Safari, Rafiki's Planet Watch, Festival of the Lion King, and travel back to the hotel.  Where we had our first counter service at pop everything.  The dinner was so much better then the breakfast it was hard to believe that we were in the same place.   We enjoyed the meals I had a nice meatball sub and my wife had a flat bread chicken something that she had again the next night.

After dragging the youngling to the room and bed we all colapsed and slept the sleep of the exhausted

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