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Disney day by day delayed Day1 No park

Disney's Pop Century Resort
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This is a series of posts about our trip to disney world.  We had a eight day stay with six days at the parks.  I hope you are able to use my experience to help you if you try to visit the parks.   The reason I waited to post until we got back was I didn't want to let people know that our house was empty while we were gone.

On the first day we checked into Pop Century resort and checked into our  room.  The room was small.  Very small. By comparison the night before we stayed in a Best Western in Ocala Park Florida for nearly the same price.  This room was about 350 ft2  and one of the best hotel rooms I have stayed in.

The Pop Century rooms may have been 280 ft2 and the odd shape of the door way makes the space even more cramped.   I don't understand the reason fro having a door at an angle.  If the doors had been flat across the front like in normal hotels the room would have had another 30-40 ft2 which it really needs.

The beds are doubles and are very small cramped beds.  I could not lay on the beds with my wife and turn over.  If my son laid down in the bed with us we it was not comfortable at all.  Most of the nights he had to sleep on a pallet in the floor.  The room was clean and smelled well.  We didn't have neighbors for most of our stay and I'm glad of that as the two nights we did they were very noisy.

After we checked into the resort we had to carry our luggage to the room.  They didn't have normal luggage carts like a regular hotel, instead they used some kind of large hand trucks that convert into a cart.  We loaded our luggage onto this cart and hiked the 200 miles from the parking lot to The 50's 3 Building.  If we had flown they would have delivered the luggage to our room but since we drove I could not even get any help toting the stuff from our car to the room and had to make 3 trips to get it all.  We learned after we got there they had a laundry so we didn't need to bring 8 days of clothes with us.

Once we got checked into the room we had to beat feet to make it to the boardwalk and our first days table service meal. And we ran into the fact that you cant go anywhere at Disney in less then a hour using their bus system.  To go from Pop Century to the Boardwalk where we had dinner reservations you first have to go from Pop to one of the parks or Downtown Disney.   It takes 30 minutes or so to go to the park then you have to wait at the park for a bus for the boardwalk.   It took us over 70 minutes  to get there.

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Now dinner at Kouzzina was a treat and raelly the only meal we had that I felt was worth the price we had to pay and the cost of the tip.  I had a wonderful lamb shank  and my wife had the whole fish.  Both were so good I can't complain about the cost or anything else.  I'd  gladdly have paid more for the meal jsut glad it was part of the Disney dinning plan.

After dinner we strolled along the boardwalk with our spawn and took a boat ride across the lake and then walked back.   After the walk we had to find our way back to Pop so we had to go to Downtown Disney and catch a bus back about 90 minutes total travel time.

We got back and crashed so we could get a early start in the morning.

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