Thursday, February 11, 2010

Disney Day by Day Going Home

When you own a company you want the customer to remember you well.  You can do 99 great things but the 100th can make a person hate you for ever.  I won't say the last day was like that but I had many things I didn't like the last day.  It didn't ruin the trip but I would have had better feelings about the trip if there had been some difference.
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We got in on our first day and found a cute little dog(?) thing in our window and our son slept with it for the rest of the week in his bed.  He lost the eyes the nose but he liked it.  We were happy with it and it entertained him.  Then on the last day I had to go walking around the resort and saw there were lots of the animals all different types and many of the rooms had things other than a Dog.  There were some pretty neat animals,  elephants, cats, snakes, swans.  But the whole time we were there we got only one little dog.

Meal Plan breakfast

I had waited all the trip to get a Mickey Mouse Ice cream bar.  Being Diabetic I didn't or couldn't use many of the Snacks due to the amount of sugar they have.  I new we wouldn't have all the deserts on the last day so I decided to award myself for shelping all the stuff from the hotel room to the car.  But when I went to check out at breakfast from the counter service area I grabbed an Ice Cream sandwich from the freezer to reward myself for carrying the stuff tot he car and the check out person wouldn't sell it to me as part of the dinning plan.   She told me at breakfast I could only have a pastry.  I didn't want a pastry I never saw anywhere that told me I couldn't get a Ice cream for breakfast.  I was leaving and didn't feel like having a fight about it.  So I left without my Ice Cream.  I know it sounds petty but its all part of the problem It wasn't large things it was small.  Small things not worth fighting for but small  things that build up to large bad feelings.

I had several problems with them.  Problems with meal plans like being charged to the room for snacks, being told I could only get small when they wife in another line was given a large.  Then and many other little problems really made me feel like they didn't really want me there.  I'm not saying there was any personal animosity.  Instead it was more like Its the off-season now go away.

I understand they have bad days.  I have bad days, I tried to be understanding but when you pay someone 20 dollars to bring you a soda it seems they could be a little nicer

My next post is going to be about the Meal plan and what a rip off that was for us.  Maybe other people find it worth the price but I can say It was just way to much for us.

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