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Disney Day by Day Day6 Magic Kingdom Take 2

Peanut butter sandwich

Alice and the Mad Hatter
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Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare we met Mad Hatter, Alice, Marry Poppins, and Pooh.  The Supercalifragilistic Breakfast has many dishes but two deserve mentioning. The omelet was wonderful.  It was more of a Fatatta then french omelet very taste and worth the wait.  The other was the Lobster Benedict this was bland didn't have a lobster flavor and really wasn't very benedicty.  My wife's egg was soft boiled rather then poached and mine was under cooked.  I'd say skip it and

eat the omelet instead.

On a more personal note when Marry came by our table I told my son not to touch her clothes sin

ce she was dressed so nicely and she grabbed his hands and started washing them at the table doing the British Nanny thing so well I just had to get a picture of it.

If you are going to Disney this is the breakfast to go to.  I had a great time and so did the rest of the family.  After it was over we tool a ride on the fairy to get from the resort to the Magic Kingdom.  It was very cold and windy and maybe not the brightest thing I did that day but still very fun.

This was the coldest day we were at this is Florida and I had a coat on.  I'm not the kind of guy to wear a jacket until its freezing and the wind of the water made me cold.

We had lots of fun on rides and I wish we had taken more pics but when your having fun its hard to stop and take a pic for later.  Also the Disney people were willing to take a photo with our camera gear but they never took good photos for us.  Even their photographers never really took a good shot of us.  I cant say to much I never took a good shot of us either.

We did a split day and went back to the hotel for a little while so we could stay up late and see the fireworks.   It also happened to be the Magic hours for the Magic Kingdom and we had a chance to stay late and ride some more rides.  During the day we toured Tomorrow land and Main Street.  During Magic hours we rode rides in Fantasy Land and ate at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe.  This was my favorite place in the Magic Kingdom.  The animatronic performer was fantastic and took me back to days I worked with Billy Bob and the Rock A Fire Explosion Band.

About 10 pm I had to put the spawn in the stroller and push him around because he was falling asleep on my shoulder while we waited for our turn on Pooh.
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